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There are no words for what we have seen in Japan in the past few days. How they will ever recover, I am not sure. We continually hear stories about waves of bodies washing up on shore, numbering in the thousands; possible meltdowns from nuclear plants disabled by the tsunami and earthquakes; no food, power, even water for nigh on four days.

It is staggering, and the rest of the world watches in horror. But I wonder- what do the Japanese watch with? Or can they even watch? They take this disaster and blame it on no one, immediately picking up the pieces before they have all been thrown onto the table and sorted. I often wonder, would America- if, knock on wood, were to be hit with such a disaster on such a scale- take it with such grace?

Here’s a helicopter video of the actual tsunami waves:

Here are satellite comparison images from NY Times- definitely worth the look.

Satellite Images NY Times

And last but not least, here is a video I found on the internet today. At first it seems like a small wave, and then it gets progressively worse, until entire houses are being swept inland.

I do urge you to donate what you are able, or do what you can (Samaritan’s Purse and Red Cross are great ways to do so.)  I don’t believe much in God, so I’m sending my love; but please, pray to whatever you do believe in, because hope is more than nothing at all.


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