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Long Time, No See!

Hey, you guys!


I know it’s been forever, but nothing much by way of Pennies for Peace has happened. Since World View, I’ve gotten offers from Unionville and Union County Principals to present again, but I haven’t received any emails on the subject- so I think I’m going to have to do some emailing action myself  (:

Most exciting, though, is that I am actually seeing Greg Mortenson speak at Wake Forest this Friday!! My sister already attends there as a sophomore, but I’m going to see him most importantly.  I think Ella is coming, but I am not sure; I know that I will be there, though, and I am uber-excited. I want to talk to him and ask him questions. What made him keep his promise so adamantly? Did he ever waver from the path? How does he still do it, day after day? How has the recent flooding affected his schools? What must he now do to ameliorate the situation?

He inspires me so much. I’ve been writing college essays lately and in all of them I highlight that I want to be successful. And it is true- I really, truly, want to be successful. I have this yearning passion to be the best, and to be known for being so. It sounds selfish, and probably is- the best people are the unsung heroes. Like him. I wonder if he ever gets tired of being an unsung hero? Or does the gratification he receives from the children he provides for make up for that deficiency?

Though these aren’t the best pictures of me ;) , these are from the Symposium itself.

Piedmont HS World View Presenters (1)



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