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Worldview is done (: It was quite fun, actually. I enjoy speaking in front of people and sharing what I think with them. Ella, I think, was kind of nervous, but we both pulled it off well; the technology messed up a few times, as well. Ironic, that. You’d think that if we were speaking on how to effectively use Web 2.0 tools to break down barriers that we’d have at least a good internet connection.


Oh well. Apparently, our session had the largest room and it was packed. Union County definitely represented; they actually invited Ella and I to present at their next principal’s meeting! This means that we can get a county-wide drive going, possibly.  It would be a great thing because 50,000 dollars can build and support a school for five years; staff, building, materials.  Can you imagine how rewarding it would feel to be responsible for an entire school? That’s one school, thousands of children, millions of new ideas and prevented extremist education. A big deal, to me.

I hope that it gets accomplished. For those of you checking up on this blog from the Symposium itself, here is the powerpoint. Simply click on the green lettering, click on the picture icon (blue) and it should load the file for you. And thank you for listening to us and putting up with the technological problems. We appreciate it. ( :

Pennies for Peace


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One Day!

Powerpoint presentation: done. Glogster: done. Shirt pressed: done. Now time for a last practice and tomorrow Ella and I are off to present! It’s been fun, and now we just have to start an actual drive at school. For some reason I think that it would be more effective in an elementary school because they are free of prejudice at younger ages. When you’re older, helping isn’t “cool” anymore-it is the leader’s job to MAKE it cool. And that is my challenge. El problemo: I’m not totally “cool.” But that’s okay. One penny helps, even if it is just that- one penny, and nothing more.

I found out some cool facts about the literacy rates in Pakistan vs. America, though.

In Pakistan, the average literacy rate is 50%: 63% of males are literate and 36% of females.

In America, the average literacy rate is 99%: 99% of males are literate and 99% of females.

I’ll leave you with that. Wish us luck!


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Yesterday Ella and I went to go get outfits for the Symposium. Sounds kind of stupid, but hey. Nice clothes that I didn’t have to pay for.  (:

Tomorrow’s a teacher work day so Ella and I are going to get together to plan what we’re going to say and what we’re handing out and all that jazz… I think we’re going to make packets of the Pennies for Peace curriculum and hand that out, as well as a copy of another program that is similar to this one so that the teachers have options. It should be cool. We’ll have this blog to show them, as well as a Facebook group which I will create pretty soon, and hopefully Skype. With the technology that is available to us  now (mostly some form of social network or another) you can really get word out.  After we do that, though, we have a meeting with our Assistant Principal who also happens to be head of Global Affairs for the school. It should be fun!

The video below is one I found that really explains what Pennies for Peace does.



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